Exclusive 1:1 Interview: RoboCop star Joel Kinnaman!

While Joel Kinnaman has worked steadily over the past few years in Sweden, it was the series “The Killing” where I had first noticed his earlier work. Now, the talented actor has found himself taking on the leading role of Alex Murphy in the remake of ROBOCOP which is opening this Wednesday. Thankfully, he is up to the task and gives a layered performance as a man-turned-machine without sacrificing the emotional aspects of the role.

During the junket I found Mr. Kinnaman to be incredibly down-to-earth. Generally the actors keep to themselves but he didn’t shy away from the press at all. When I stepped into the room he was incredibly friendly and asked questions with genuine interest as to who I was. Once the interview began we talked about performing while not being able to move and about playing ROBOCOP. He also discusses his thoughts of stepping into the iconic role. Joel Kinnaman is an incredible actor and one hell of a nice guy.

Source: JoBlo.com



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