Exclusive: Deleted scene from Wind River is bound to give you chills

Ugh! There's nothing like coming into contact with a clerk that's got an attitude, after you've completed a long and arduous trip to the middle of nowhere. I appreciate that some small towns live by their own set of rules, though I'm a big fan of the idea that you will catch more flies with honey rather than with vinegar.

Today, we have an exclusive deleted scene to share with you from Lionsgate's WIND RIVER starring Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner as directed by HELL OR HIGH WATER's Taylor Sheridan. In the exclusive clip, Elizabeth Olsen is found having a brutal and awkward conversation with the owner of an inn located in the snow-swept reservation of Wind River. Their exchange quickly takes a turn toward the issues plaguing the residents of the locale, adding to Olsen's character's suspicions of the sordid case she's there to investigate.

WIND RIVER is a suspense thriller that follows a rookie FBI agent (Olsen) who teams up with a game tracker with deep community ties and a haunted past (Renner) to investigate the mysterious killing of a local girl on a remote Native American reservation.

The Digital release of WIND RIVER was released on October 31st, while the Blu-Ray and DVD versions were made available this past Tuesday, on November 14th. Each version of the film features a Behind-the-Scenes Video Gallery as well as Deleted Scenes.

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