Exclusive Interview: Divergent Stars Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn!

Aside from all the fresh faced talent that is featured in DIVERGENT, there are a handful of names that I’ve been a fan of. Two such names include the very talented Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn. In the new film they play Andrew and Natalie Prior, the parents of Beatrice and Caleb who find their children venturing into brave new worlds. The two definitely give a little class to this modern day morality fable.

It was tricky sitting across from Ashley Judd. The normal compliments didn’t work on her, so much so that I had to give props to both she and Tony on how good they looked – Mr. Goldwyn’s a handsome fellow so that’s alright. Yet it was a fun challenge and it was terrific meeting this phenomenal actress in person. After my short time with the two, she mentioned that she would be checking out JoBlo.com on my recommendation… I hope she likes what she sees!

Source: JoBlo.com



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