Exclusive: Kristen Wiig has odd visions in Insensitive Bastards clip

Ladies, how would you react if a man – let alone an employer – asked you if you had bathed that day? You probably wouldn’t take too kindly to it, and may even assume this man was having some odd thoughts about you. This is what Kristen Wiig's Monica is going through in this exclusive clip for THE HEYDAY OF INSENSITIVE BASTARDS, which shows Wiig as a maid-for-hire in one of seven vignettes, and has been asked the question by Tony Cox's Mr. Chubbs. Wiig begins to have a weird vision of her denying Cox in a particularly racy, sensual scenario. It’s about as odd as you can imagine, but there’s no need to imagine it because you can watch it above!

Here is the plot synopsis for the movie:

Based on short stories from Robert Boswell’s critically acclaimed book of the same name, THE HEYDAY OF THE INSENSITIVE BASTARDS explores the difference between fantasy and reality, memory and history, and the joy and agony of the human condition, through seven tales. The result is an ambitious series of vignettes ranging from comical to bittersweet to poignant.

I haven’t heard of the book before, and so I can’t really detail how this story plays out, but after watching this clip I feel like I must find out. Discovering how these imaginations play out is only one reason why, another being because the movie as a whole has a pretty fantastic cast, including James Franco, Natalie Portman, Kate Mara, Amber Tamblyn and more. On top of that, the movie was directed by students of the UCLA's School of Theater, so it would be nice to support some up-and-coming filmmakers and see what they've got. It definitely looks better than my home movie where I set up a STAR WARS and HARRY POTTER cinematic universe using nothing but Play-Doh. I'm still waiting on a reply from Netflix for a series order. 

The movie hits theaters October 27 and also on digital and On Demand the same day.



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