Explore the stop-motion animated world of Laika at Comic Con 2017

Without a doubt, The Laika Experience was one of our most anticipated stops during our whirlwind coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2017. For twelve years, Laika has produced some of cinema's most jaw-dropping stop-motion animated spectacles audiences have ever seen. You know them for producing such films as CORALINE, PARANORMAN, THE BOXTROLLS, and most recently, KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS.

Thursday afternoon, we were fortunate enough to explore the world of Laika by way of a walking tour orchestrated by the innovative stop-motion and digital effects animation studio. While there, we got the chance to chat with Laika CFO Brad Wald, get up close and personal with some of Laika's most intricate and stunning puppets, and shake hands with Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of Fish, the Boxtroll.

Are you feeling a little jealous that you were unable to attend the event? Worry not, because  we've got a great interview, walkthrough tour video, and some sweet stills for you to enjoy!

You can check out our walkthrough video and interview with Laika CFO Brad Wald below:

And hey, if detailed images are your bag, we've got those too:


We hope that you've enjoyed our presentation of The Laika Experience. There's lots more to come from San Diego Comic Con 2017, so be sure to stay tuned for more coverage of this year's geekiest gathering of comics, film, and costumed caperings.

Extra Tidbit: Being able to get so up close and personal with many of Laika's models and materials was an absolutel thrill!
Source: JoBlo.com



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