F. Gary Gray to direct Willis and Foxx in Kane and Lynch

Newcomer Simon Crane was originally scheduled to make his feature directorial debut on KANE & LYNCH, the adaptation of the popular video game with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx starring as the titular characters. But somewhere along the way, those nasty "creative differences" reared their ugly heads and Crane "left" the project (*cough*forcedout*cough*). The hot rumor was that Wayne Kramer (RUNNING SCARED) was in talks to direct the film, which would've been a perfect marriage of director and material, but now Kramer too is out and F. Gary Gray is in talks to direct the film.

As it turns out, Gray was approached before Kramer and reportedly passed on the film. Producers then went to Kramer to discuss the project with him and apparently Gray had a change of heart (perhaps egged on by his LAW ABIDING CITIZEN star Jamie Foxx) and decided he was interested after all. I'm a little disappointed and not because I think Gray isn't a talented director (that I suppose remains to be seen) but moreso because I think Kramer would've been perfect for this film. (Go watch RUNNING SCARED again and tell me I'm wrong.)

The film will follow Kane and Lynch as they have 72 hours to stop a doomsday device before Kane's family are killed by a group of criminals. Lionsgate is looking to get production on the film underway later this summer.

Extra Tidbit: That was originally Tom Cruise in the photo above making it perhaps the first and last time F. Gary Gray will be Photoshopped onto Tom Cruise's body.
Source: Variety



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