Fantasia Fest hits!!

The FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL started projecting its films over the past weekend (it runs in Montreal, Canada from July 5 - 23) and our very own John Fallon (aka Arrow) is all over it in more ways than one this year.

Firstly, he's actually IN two of the films being presented, the first of which is DEADEN, which is having its North American premiere on Saturday July 14th at 7:30pm (he stars in that film, wrote it and co-produced). He will be presenting that movie along with director Christian Viel on Saturday and I'll likely be there as well -- I have a tiny "cameo" in the film as a fiendish drug dealer and I was also one of the film's executive producers.

If you can't make it out to Montreal, the film will hopefully see the inside of DVD shops within the next few months, or check out the film's trailer HERE. The film has been receiving crazy props from many in the industry since its premiere at last year's Sitges Film Festival, many of which you can check out HERE. Darren Bousman, the director of SAW II, III and IV, said this about the film: "I thought I was sick but I can't hold a candle to the opening scene in this film." Nice!

The other film is called RECON 2022, a sci-fi sequel which he co-wrote and in which he plays the villain, also directed by the highly underrated Christian Viel. I also have a miniscule "cameo" in that film as a punkass Marine bitch who apparently gets munched by a giant space-worm!! (or maybe that was just my past weekend). That film's North American premiere will take place on July 19th at 9:20pm, hosted by star Andy Bradshaw and Mr. Viel. You can watch the film's trailer HERE. Looks like a fun time to me.

The Arrow will also be there as the consummate professional that he is, as a film reviewer, attempting to squeeze in as many screenings as possible including such films as THE TRIPPER, Uwe Boll's POSTAL, THE SIGNAL, DEAD IN 3 DAYS, TRAPPED ASHES, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, MULBERRY STREET, BORDERLAND and others, I'm sure. You can keep checking in to the ARROW IN THE HEAD for updates on that, or our site, of course.

Oh yeah, we might organize a beer-together at some point as well, so if you're in town, you might want to join in and...well, drink beers with us and talk shop, i.e. movies and chicks. For everything else about the Festival, check out its OFFICIAL SITE, a must for all genre movie lovers. These guys are the tops!



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