Fincher for Facebook?

David Fincher Fresh off his Academy Award nominated THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, director David Fincher may be turning to social networking for his next project. According to Entertainment Weekly's "Hollywood Insider", Fincher has started early talks with Sony to direct the Aaron Sorkin scripted Facebook movie. What the hell would a Facebook movie be about you ask? Certainly not the mindless updates, friend requests and avoiding your mom.

Instead the film will focus on telling the story of how Mark Zuckerberg went from lowly Harvard student (can a Harvard student really be lowly?...) to billionaire 21-year-old CEO of the social networking empire known as Facebook. The script is reportedly top secret so what dramatic arcs the story will take remains to be seen. It was a pretty big get to have Sorkin script Zuckerberg's story but now to have Fincher be the one in charge of the whole show? Would a Google biopic get the same A-list treatment? With these two on board, this shit just went from "interesting" to "fuck yeah".

Extra Tidbit: Fincher's middle name is Leo.



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