First full trailer and poster for Paranormal Activity 4 drop...

Paranormal Activity 4 banner

... the ball. On being scary. At all.

Also, due to its particular arrangement my brain keeps reading the title as "Paranormal 4 Activity."  As in something simliar to those "men 4 women" ads on Craigslist.  But maybe that's what this series is really all about - the paranormal force is just lonely and needs some companionship and doesn't want to have to settle for some creepy old man with hairy hands.

If someone told me that halfway through PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 became a supernatural rom-com-farce, I'd actually be really excited to see it when it releases on October 21st

As stated at the end of the trailer, you can text the phrase "WantIt" to 21534 in order to "find out first what really happened."  If you do, make sure to come on back and let us know in the comment section below what you discover!

Paranormal Activity 4 poster

Extra Tidbit: Am I being too harsh? I've just never really found this franchise to be all that engaging - any fans of the serious out there who want to defend this trailer? I'm all ears. Or eyes, I guess, as you'd be typing your thoughts out rather than speaking them.
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