First Kingsman 2 photos feature spies aplenty; new details emerge

One of this year’s most hotly anticipated movies for film geeks is KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, but it's one we’ve seen so little for. The most we’ve gotten are posters with nothing but glasses and words on them, or just a pair of arms. What are we supposed to do with those? Insinuate? Well, now KINGSMAN fans, you can finally put some images in your back pocket because we have the first photos from the new movie, courtesy of EW:

Taron Egerton looking dapper as Eggsy:

Halle Berry looking geeky as Ginger

And here’s Channing Tatum as a roppin’ cowboy:

Finally there’s Jeff Bridges, looking like a curmudgeon-y Head of Statesman

EW was also able to speak to the cast and director Matthew Vaughn, who emphasized how doing this movie with a vastly different style was key to not getting infected with “sequelitis”:

“Just doing a sequel, you’re kind of violating that promise of originality. Sequelitis is a plague I have no interest in contracting.

Egerton went on to liken the KINGSMAN series to the Marvel movies, saying if the first film was CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, then this film is THE AVENGERS. This time around the Kingsman will team-up with an American agency, called the Statesman, so how they will co-exist with the new team is paramount to the film. This includes – dare I say – love, particularly between Mark Strong’s Merlin and Berry’s Ginger:

I quite like playing the tech nerd who can handle himself in a conflict situation. But what I really like about this second film is that Merlin meets Halle Berry’s character, who plays his equivalent role in the Statesmen. And she had her clipboard and her glasses, just like Merlin. And what happens when two tech nerds come together? Might there be some geeky love?

Ah, you get it, Mark-o.

There will be more characters, like Julianne Moore’s Poppy, who is a “Martha Stewart-ish entrepreneur” and Elton John as a “Vaughn-ized” version of himself. Then there’s the returning Colin Firth as Harry, whose survival is explained by Firth in the most glorious way possible:

I got in the first Kingsman by virtue of my improbability. An actor known for chick flicks as a fighting badass. So given that irony, I’d say anything is possible.

So far I'm liking what I'm seeing, even if it's not very much. Everyone sure looks the part and it's great Vaughn is finding ways to keep everything feeling fresh and new. Paul Shirey and Sean Wist mentioned how they saw some footage at CinemaCon, and how they saw a scene featuring a laser rope, slicing and dicing fools and Egerton and Tatum teaming-up to put the hurt on some baddies. I can't wait for that footage to drop, which could be soon now that promo materials like these are dropping, so stay tuned for all your gentlemanly spy goodies!

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE arrives September 29.

Source: EW



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