First look at the Batman stage play, no one injured yet

Because the Spider-Man musical is going SO well, surely a stage play focusing on Batman would be less cursed, right?

Well, I hope so for the sake of those behind Batman Live. Despite the superhero play stigma after half the cast of Spider-man has been injured while performing, it's pushing ahead with a similar concept.

We have the first look at the play below, and it looks like the costumes are going to be fairly traditional, albeit a bit snazzed up and a wee bit reminiscent of the Joel Schumacher era.

The musical follows Dick Grayson's transition from circus performer to Batman sidekick, and features a whole host of villains seen above. Gotham City itself also plays a huge part in the production, and as you can see below, the stage is huge. How do you think it looks?

UPDATE: This is apparently not a musical. That's almost too bad. 

Extra Tidbit: I'm not ashamed to say I would totally see this.
Source: Collider



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