First look: Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels have a new ride in this official still from Dumb and Dumber To

Are they taking that buck to Aspen? Who knows with those two?! After all the set pics an official photo from DUMB AND DUMBER TO has finally arrived. Anything juicy we can learn from the photo? Not really. It’s just Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey) on a buck statue. Harry is holding a package but it could be anything. Could it belong to someone else? Yeah, likely not.

What do we know about the story? According to Peter Farrelly it might have something to do with a long lost son needing a kidney. These guys actually reproduced? But with whom? Wait a minute…Fraida Flecher! What we do know is that it’s set 18 years after the first film. I welcome the return of Harry And Lloyd, and can’t wait to see what surprises and gags the Farrelly Brothers have in-store for us!

DUMB AND DUMBER TO hits theaters on November 14, 2014. Check out the still below.

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