First Sonic the Hedgehog teaser poster races in

Gaming fans may still be marveling at how awesome the new DETECTIVE PIKACHU movie looks, but there’s more than one iconic video game character heading to the big screen next year. Sonic the Hedgehog is getting his own live-action movie that finds him entering our world, and while the mind may be boggled trying to imagine what a live-action Sonic would look like, you can get a small taste with the first teaser poster below.

With the poster comes a few plot details for the movie, which finds Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz), coming to our real world and teaming up with James Marsden’s Tom Wachowski as the two take on the big bad with an epic mustache, Dr. Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey. Again, this all tough to visualize, so just scroll on down to see the poster and get at least a small idea of what the filmmakers are going for.

Directed by Jeff Fowler, the movie is still just about a year out from release, so we can’t expect to get that revealing of a look at the gaming legend. One thing you can see on the character is he has some fur, which has never been highlighted in the game series, with him having a more sleek, smooth look. His shoes have also been updated, given something modern and stylish to dash around in. Executive producer Tim Miller (DEADPOOL) spoke with IGN about the character’s updated look, saying it was all about giving him a grounded feel that looks realistic but still faithful to the source material.

“That was always Stage 1 of adapting it to what the real world is and what a real animal would be like. It would be weird and it would feel like he was running around nude if he was some sort of otter-like thing. It was always, for us, fur, and we never considered anything different. It’s part of what integrates him into the real world and makes him a real creature.”

He continued, talking about how they worked with the character’s eyes, which in the games are large and swoop down towards the bottom and merge together, almost like one big eye.

“I don’t think SEGA was entirely happy with the eye decision, but these sorts of things you go, ‘It’s going to look weird if we don’t do this.’ But everything is a discussion, and that’s kind of the goal, which is to only change what’s necessary and stay true to the rest of it. He’s not going to feel like a Pixar character would because I don’t think that’s the right aesthetic to make it feel like part of our world.”

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG hits theaters November 8, 2019.

Source: ParamountIGN



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