First time director Ellen Page snags Anna Faris for the Lead in Miss Stevens


It always interests me when an actor decides to try their hand at directing. Can you see how much the film has been influenced by the directors the actor has worked with in the past? How much did they learn from all the time spent on sets? It's usually us the audience that benefits considering the films that have come from actors turned directors like Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, and Ben Affleck.

You can add one more to the list. Deadline is reporting that Ellen Page will be making her directing debut with MISS STEVENS from a script by Julia Hart, and Anna Faris has signed on for the title role. MISS STEVENS is about "a teacher whose life is in disarray when she chaperones a group of high schoolers on a weekend trip to a state drama competition. There, through the admiration and humanity of her students, she rediscovers her own self-worth."

I hate uplifting tales.

Seriously though, the plot may sound a little cheesy, but I think the finished project will have a bit more of a snap to it than the synopsis is letting on. It very easily could end up like a schmaltzy made for TV movie. Considering some of the directors Ellen Page has worked with though (especially Jason Reitman), you'd think the film would end up having a bit more wit and humor than the typical "inspirational" movie. And this could be a nice little role for Anna Faris to show off a bit more of her serious side.

Extra Tidbit: One actor I think could be a potentially great director: Leonardo DiCaprio. With the different directors he has worked with and his relationship with Martin Scorsese I think he could make one hell of a film. What actor do you think should try their hand at directing?
Source: Deadline



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