Flying Daggers remake?

Here is today's horrible rumor: Apparently, Production Weekly has it that Sam Raimi will be remaking HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS. It is unclear as to whether it is Raimi himself or his production company, Ghost House Pictures, that is behind the decision, but what is clear is that I hate this idea. And not because I get pissy and overprotective of movies that I like, but because I feel for Zhang Yimou who directed the original. As I understand it, if someone chooses to remake your work, it's because they think they can do it better. And I could be wrong, and this is besides the point, but I seriously doubt Raimi could make FLYING DAGGERS better than it already has been. Homeboy is way overrated.

That said it would be just like my life that he would now go and knock this one out of the park like he did SPIDEY 2. It was kind of the same thing when my dad told my mom she would never give birth to a child of both incredible intellect and unrivaled comedic sensibilities. And then she had me. The world has a funny way of messing with you I guess.
Extra Tidbit: The original Chinese name for HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS translated in English to 'Ambushed From Ten Directions'.
Source: MoviesOnline



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