Fox lights a Smoke

Had SPEED RACER been as big a hit as Warner Bros. had hoped, it would've launched Matthew Fox into a new level of stardom. As it was, he was the most enjoyable thing about the movie (he seemed to be the only one in the cast who truly got it). While Judd Apatow characters might not find Fox interesting at all, I still think he's got the goods to be an A-list kinda guy. He'll take another shot at shedding the Jack Shephard persona with the Warner Bros. flick BILLY SMOKE. Based on the Oni Press comic, Fox will star as a hitman who's nearly killed during a job and decides to embark on a mission to kill all the world's assassins. Haven't heard much about the "Billy Smoke" comic? That's because it hasn't come out yet. And won't be out until 2009. Kinda seems like comic companies lately are developing projects with movies (and big money) in mind and then going backwards to work on the comic. When it is finally released, "Smoke" will feature artwork by Eric Kim and a story by B. Clay Moore.

Extra Tidbit: Wouldn't you like to see Fox try his hand at a comedy instead of sticking with these brooding antiheroes?
Source: Variety



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