Fox officially sets Chronicle director Josh Trank on Fantastic Four, Joe Cornish on Rust, and David Slade now off Daredevil reboot

While Fox isn't bringing anything to Comic-Con this year, they do have a few announcements related to some of their comic book properties. Let's take a look...

- FANTASTIC FOUR: Now while we knew that CHRONICLE helmer Josh Trank was developing a reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR, today Fox officially announced that Trank would be directing the project. The film will be the next Marvel property to be slated for production and dated for release by the studio following THE WOLVERINE and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 2. The film is on the fast track and will reportedly feature a new cast and a new take on the beloved comic book characters. Deadline adds that FANTASTIC FOUR will likely be Trank's next movie, which means he may not take the reins of that SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS adaptation after all.

- RUST: Described as an "E.T.-style story", RUST - scripted by Aline Brosh McKenna (WE BOUGHT A ZOO, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) and based on the Royden Lepp graphic novel - will now officially be helmed by ATTACK THE BLOCK director Joe Cornish. The sci-fi family adventure is about "a struggling farm family and the mysterious robot that shows up and changes their lives."

- DAREDEVIL: Though many of you liked the idea of David Slade taking the reins of a DAREDEVIL reboot, Deadline is now reporting that the HARD CANDY director has dropped out of the project, citing a scheduling conflict (he'll be directing the pilot of the series "Hannibal"). Fox has a script it really likes but it's now frantically looking for a new director to get the production moving by fall. Why the rush? They could contractually risk having the property revert back to Marvel Studios and Disney.
Source: Deadline



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