Frenzied Waters?

What is frenziedwaters.com? That's the question I have after receiving a mysterious package in the mail today; one that included my own obituary.

I opened the box to reveal a frosted jar with a rusty cap. It wasn't easy to unscrew but once I did, I found a note that read:

This jar holds a story - the story of a single tragic incident that needs to be unlocked. Dive in, investigate the evidence and discover what lies beneath the surface.

I pulled the items out one-by-one. First was an old boat key attached to a floaty key chain. The second was a giant (and sharp) tooth attached to a metal plate with the URL www.frenziedwaters.com stamped onto it. Next was a men's bathing suit with one of the legs torn to shreds. At the bottom of the jar were two pieces of paper: one was a WARNING sign about beach closings (with a number - 386-675-0342 - to call) and the other was my own obituary, which read:

Mike Sampson, Editor-in-Chief of JoBlo.com, fell victim to a shark attack while surfing in Ocean City, New Jersey on Monday, July 6th. Founded in 1998, JoBlo.com was the home of the film awards, "The Golden Schmoes," and climbed to the top of the popularity charts amongst other movie news sites. Under Sampson's lead, JoBlo.com was rated as one of the 25 Favorite Online Entertainment Sites by Entertainment Weekly. Funeral arrangements are scheduled for Thursday, July 9th, in Landing, NJ.

That would be tomorrow. Pretty fucking weird, eh? I checked out frenziedwaters.com and there are definitely some clues to get us on our way including some detailed longitude and latitude coordinates. What exactly is going on here? How did I die and will anyone show up to my funeral?

Source: JoBlo.com



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