Fresh Barbarella

An upgrade to the cheeky 1968 sci-fi/erotica BARBARELLA has been in the works for years, but veteran producer Dino De Laurentiis still has it on his "to do" list. While pimping the rather needless Lecter prequel HANNIBAL RISING, De Laurentiis says that the new BARBARELLA will be a brand new story and not a remake of the original (itself based on a French comic), which famously starred Jane Fonda at her titillating best as the saucy space vixen.

BARBARELLA followed an intergalactic agent dispatched to find a mad scientist, which somehow involved getting naked at regular intervals along the way. While the new story is not yet known, De Laurentiis says it will have "love, sex, adventure". Like the first movie, the story will likely be incidental to kitschy style and general over-the-top silliness. De Laurentiis has some other experience with cheesy sci-fi, as any fan of the fromage-filled FLASH GORDON can attest.

Articulacy-challenged actress Drew Barrymore had once planned to produce and star in a new BARBARELLA, but that plan seems to have succumbed to the Excessive Machine.
Extra Tidbit: The original film's villain inspired the name of apparently unkillable pop band DURAN DURAN.
Source: NBC30



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