Friday the 13th casting

If you wanted to instill some confidence in a horror fanbase doubting a Michael Bay produced FRIDAY THE 13th remake can be worthwhile, I don't think casting a former WB network star is the right movie. But alas New Line has cast Jared Padalecki, current "Supernatural" star, as the lead in FRIDAY THE 13th. He would star as an investigator who returns to Crystal Lake to find out exactly what happened. Um, a hockey mask wearing maniac has been killing people? Is this really a secret? I mean the guy made it all the way to New York, it's not like he was trying to keep his machete-hackings on the down low... Marcus Nispel, who remade another classic horror film for Bay in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, will direct from a script by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. Padalecki has experience remaking horror films as well - he starred in the Warner Bros. remake of HOUSE OF WAX. New Line, who is co-producing with Paramount, has the film already set for a Friday the 13th release on February 13, 2009. So this will also make a nice Valentine's Date for you and your honey. Padalecki can be seen next in the Lionsgate drama HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

Extra Tidbit: Padalecki starred as "Young MacGyver" in a TV movie. Seriously.



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