Full Super Bowl Spot for Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator

The full Super Bowl spot for Sacha Baron Cohen's THE DICTATOR was released today and although it doesn't contain much in the way of new footage, it's probably going to get the most exposure at the "big game" more so than it would otherwise.  Cohen can be a tough sell in some markets, so this is a good place to sell the flick.

Check out the spot below:

Other than the NBC gag, we've seen the rest in the trailer.  Still, it cracks me up, especially the race scene.  I'm a fan of Cohen's work, so I'm definitely going to catch this one in theaters.  I didn't like BRUNO as much as BORAT, but both are uncomfortably hilarious.  THE DICTATOR looks like it'll hit those some marks and have us laughing and squirming at the same time, which to me is the draw of Cohen's style.

THE DICTATOR conquers your theater and rejects your sanctions on May 11th, 2012.

We love you, too, Megan Fox...

Extra Tidbit: Hangover director Todd Phillips was the original director of Borat, but left the project due to "creative differences," leaving director Larry Charles to take the mantle (as well as for Bruno and The Dictator).
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