Furious 7 hits Blu-ray/DVD on September 15th with an extended cut


I doubt there are many who could have guessed that THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS would have evolved into a series that would eventually bring us the 4th highest grossing film worldwide, but that's exactly how FURIOUS 7 rolls! If you're itching to bring the latest adrenaline-fueled action installment into your home, then you'll be satiated in 3 months' time! FURIOUS 7 is hitting Blu-ray/DVD and On-Demand on September 15th. Furthermore, the Blu-ray edition will feature over 100 minutes of extras, as well as an extended cut of the film!

Here's the entire list of bonus features for FURIOUS 7:

  • Extended Edition
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Cars of Furious: The car coordinator and his team join the cast and filmmakers for a closer look at the film’s spectacular cars.
  • Flying Cars: People jump out of planes all the time, but not while sitting behind the wheel of a car. This entertaining featurette shows how the Furious 7 team pulled off this jaw-dropping sequence.
  • Tower Jumps: A look at how one of the most exciting stunt sequences of the film, the Abu Dhabi tower jumps, became a reality.
  • Inside the Fight: A combination of fight training footage and interviews takes viewers inside the fierce hand-to-hand fights.
  • Talking Fast: Director James Wan and the cast of Furious 7 break down the movie’s most memorable moments and chat about how the Fast franchise has evolved over the years.
  • “See You Again” Official Music Video Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.
  • Back to the Starting Line: Producer Neal Moritz, Chris Morgan and the cast join franchise newcomer director James Wan as they look back at how far the Franchise has come bring the latest installment to life.*
  • Race Wars: Furious 7 brings the crew back to Race Wars, the iconic, fictional racing event from the very first film. Vin Diesel and a couple hundred friends are back for a full-throttle celebration of all things Fast with special guest-star Iggy Azalea, behind-the-scenes footage of the cars, the sweat and the girls.*
  • Snatch and Grab: A behind the scenes look at shooting one of the premier action sequences in the franchise’s history.*
  • Making of Fast & Furious Supercharged Ride*

* Denotes special features available on the DVD edition.

At this point, we can plainly see that the FAST & FURIOUS franchise has found its formula and that it works. While Paul Walker will be missed, I have little doubt that Vin Diesel and Co. are more than capable of delivering another fun film or two that are as entertaining as the last three films. Here's hoping Kurt Russell gets in on the action for the next installment!

FURIOUS 7 will hit Blu-ray/DVD on September 15, 2015, and FAST & FURIOUS 8 scheduled to hit theaters on April 14, 2017.



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