Gangster Squad rolls out seven new character posters

Gangster Squad new-ish character banner header

You may think the highlight of this article is going to be the seven new photoshop-happy character posters for GANGSTER SQUAD.  But you'd be wrong.  You may think that there's something more intriguing to be found here than seven posters that showcase semi-closeups and too-smooth skin.  And you'd be right.  Because I'm talking about the decision to use this take of Nick Nolte for advertising purposes.  I don't know if they were trying to capture a look that said something along the lines of "Seriously fellas? We're fighting a war here.  Please get your shit together, because I am not amused", or what might have happened before the shot was taken.

Whatever it was, whatever the reason, I think we can all agree that it... well, it isn't the best.  Good thing I've had months and months (and months and months) to get excited for this movie, because this series of poster art sure isn't doing it for me now.  Of course, I also don't swoon at the sight of Ryan Gosling (or Nick Nolte, as I'm sure some do), so perhaps I'm not the target audience anyway (though Emma Stone sure is pretty as usual). 

GANGSTER SQUAD deals out its unofficial justice on January 11th, 2013.

Gangster squad new character poster 1

Gangster squad new character poster 2

Gangster Squad new character poster 3

Gangster squad new character poster 5

Gangster squad new character poster 6

Gangster squad new character poster 7

Gangster squad new character poster 4

Extra Tidbit: Mickey Cohen doesn't get much choice of poses, does he? In other news, I'm getting steadily more grumpy with the fact that Anthony Mackie still hasn't been given a character poster of his own.
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