Gareth Edwards new project is going to be a robotic Star Wars

I wouldn't exactly call Monsters a sci-fi classic, but it did enough things right on a very tight budget to be considered notable.

Director Gareth Edwards has seen his fair share of fame after that film, with him being attached to a new GODZILLA film in the early stages of planning.

But now he's got one more film lined up, one that sounds pretty ambitious. Slashfilm reports that it's best described as a "robot Star Wars," and there's a little bit more info about what exactly that means.

"The still untitled project is about a young human child (probably around 5 years old) and a robot who travel across the galaxy in search of mankind’s origin in a world void of humanity and filled with robots."

Seems ambitious, but the budget is alleged to only be about $35M. Though these days, that can be stretched out pretty well. DISTRICT 9, which I WOULD consider a sci-fi classic, only had $30M to work with, and MONSTERS only had a mere $500,000.

Extra Tidbit: There is a MONSTERS sequel going forward without Edwards attached.
Source: Slashfilm



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