Garner gets Ghosts

Although her last romantic comedy CATCH AND RELEASE made a quick trip to the single-copy shelf at video stores, the lovely and lithe Jennifer Garner is giving the genre another shot. Because despite five years of ALIAS (and ELEKTRA and the upcoming THE KINGDOM), life is not all about being a sexy chick with guns and demolitions and hand-to-hand combat skills. Unfortunately.

The fine fit former femme fatale joins abdominal terror Matthew McConaughey in New Line's comedy GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST. He plays a staunchly single charmer who bumps into the spirits of previous conquests at his brother’s wedding. Sadly these are mentally fabricated apparitions of prior (and future) gals as opposed to actual ghosts of the girlfriends he slaughtered, which would be infinitely more entertaining... to me, anyway. Garner is, clearly, the woman who changes his mind and chases away the spooks of the title.

Mark Waters (MEAN GIRLS, FREAKY FRIDAY) is directing the flick which, curiously, was previously in development as a starring vehicle for Garner's hubby Ben Affleck. And then PAYCHECK happened. And JERSEY GIRL, and SURVIVING CHRISTMAS... And yet he still made out just fine.
Extra Tidbit: Garner has played a hot: spy, nurse, ninja chick, prostitute, and 13-year-old.
Source: Variety



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