Garrett Hedlund says Tron 3 is "not totally dead"

TRON: ASCENSION may not be totally dead just yet.

Granted, there's still the matter of Disney seemingly pulling the plug on the third film in the TRON series that was in the middle of pre-production when it got the axe and was supposed to go before cameras sometime around right now, but TRON: LEGACY star Garrett Hedlund says otherwise.

In fact, he may have offered up a glimmer of hope to those who were disappointed that a TRON: LEGACY follow-up wasn't going to happen, while promoting PAN earlier today, remarking that there is still some life in the chances of another movie happening.

I haven’t been told it’s totally dead. Ever since we did Legacy, we knew that to have another story follow it up, it had to be concrete and exciting. Disney needed to have the right story to go forward. I think it was going to introduce some things that were as exciting as Legacy was and then some, though.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be like Legacy was to the first Tron, it’ll be 30 years, and I’ll have my young Flynn CGI face, who knows? But they could do it anytime from now, and I would of course jump back in. Something like that could be quite fun, though!

That hardly sounds like concrete evidence that TRON 3 is showing signs of being resurrected, but chances of one in a million of this happening are still chances nonetheless. Now it's a matter of Disney being sold on the idea that there is an audience out there that could make a third film financially successfully for them, something TRON: LEGACY didn't quite drive home for The Mouse.

Source: ComicBook.com



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