George A. Romero to finally get a star on the Walk of Fame

This year we lost the great master of the zombie flick, George A. Romero, after the director succumbed to cancer a few months ago. This caused countless fans and filmmakers to fondly remember the innovative director with stories, photos and more. Now the world will have another chance to honor the man, as it has been announced that Romero will finally get a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

WOF’s Ana Martinez took to Twitter to make the announcement, and in a statement said that Romero had actually been selected for a star before his death:

The fact that fans nominated Mr. Romero for the Walk of Fame star speaks volumes of how loved he was for his work in the horror film genre and for being the person he was," Martinez shared in a statement. "Fortunately, prior to his passing he learned that he was selected for a star, and we are saddened that he won’t be here with us for his special day.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD director Edgar Wright and THE WALKING DEAD producer Greg Nicotero will be making speeches at the ceremony on October 25, with Romero’s wife, Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, accepting the star on his behalf.

Romero launched onto the scene with his groundbreaking NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and would make more classics in DAWN OF THE DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD, effectively creating the image of the zombie we all know today. The man deserved his star long ago, and it’s so bittersweet he’s getting it now.  At least he's getting one, and generations of people can remember the man who made slow walking so goddamn terrifying. 

Source: Twitter



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