Congratulations from JoBlo.com to newlyweds George Lucas and Mellody Hobson!

There is not always an opportunity for us to report on fun little asides from the movie industry like this. We are sad to report on the passing of Hollywood icons like Tony Scott or James Gandolfini but every now and then we get to smile at the joy of some of our favorites from the world of movies.

Now that George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm and is enjoying retirement, he is finally able to live the life that many in his line of work don't get to during the height of their careers. After being married to Marcia Lucas from 1969 to 1983, Lucas was involved with singer Linda Ronstadt for a while. He has also adopted three children: Amanda, Katie, and Jett. Now, after dating Dreamworks Animation chair Mellody Hobson for seven years, George Lucas has remarried.

The ceremony was attended by journalist Bill Moyers, longtime Lucas friend and collaborater Steven Spielberg, director Francis Ford Coppola, Arianna Huffington, and performances from singers Van Morrison and Janelle Monae.

The ceremony was held at the Skywalker Ranch soundstage and was the first marriage for Hobson. Despite fans criticizing Lucas for many reasons, it is nice to see the man who gave all of our childhoods some special memories finally get some of his own.

Congrats, George.



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