Get a glimpse of The Goon in full CG motion

UPDATE: The extended footage from Comic Con has been added below, and looks like a total blast. And yep, that's Clancy Brown voicing Goon. The movie is currently still searching for a studio and/or financing, so let's hope it gets what it needs!

7.19.10 - It's been a long couple of years now since we first heard that Eric Powell's great monster/mobster comic THE GOON was becoming a feature film, courtesy of producer David Fincher (FIGHT CLUB, etc.) and FX company Blur Studios. So it's nice to see the project is still slowly coming to computer-rendered life.

MTV got a quick peek at some of the footage from the movie, which features Paul Giamatti voicing Goon's sidekick Frankie. More footage will be unveiled at the Friday panel at Comic Con -- where Giamatti and Fincher will be in attendance with Powell -- after which the full clip(s) will be online for those would can't make it to San Diego. For now, groove to the undead slapstick and mayhem below!

The Dark Horse comic revolves around a creature-punching mob enforcer and his mouthy buddy, and their misadventures in a bizarre monster-filled town.

Extra Tidbit: Clancy "The Kurgan" Brown voiced the Goon in previous CG test footage.
Source: MTV



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