GI Joe script sucks?

Say it ain't so, Joe! Hollywood's most hated script reviewer, Latino Review's El Mayimbe, has posted a review of the latest draft of the GI JOE script by Skip Woods and he sadly has nothing pleasant to say about it. In fact he gives it an F. As in "F this movie, let's go watch the 80s cartoon again." It doesn't sound like there's anything salvagable in this draft and that they might need to star over unless they want to piss off their entire fanbase. Case in point? The bad guy's name is "Cool Dude." Cool. Dude. Second case in point? No Cobra. That's right our favorite bad guys are only mentioned in passing on the very last line of the script. Think of how bad-ass an origin story of Cobra and Cobra Commander would be. Not this movie. If you're at all interested in saving GI JOE, read the review and let your voice be heard. Don't let Hollywood pass off bastardized versions of beloved classics. Lips on Optimus was one thing, this is something else entirely...

Extra Tidbit: Commander's iconic voice was provided by Chris Latta, who was the original voice of Moe and Mr. Burns on "The Simpsons" before being replaced by Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer respectively.
Source: Latino Review



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