God's Not Dead's Kevin Sorbo makes new faith-based film Let There Be Light

As people who read the site regularly know, I love me some bad movies (in fact, over Thanksgiving weekend, I showed my family this abomination. I'm not invited back). Well, looks like I have another "winner" to look forward to with Kevin Sorbo's new movie LET THERE BE LIGHT, which he will produce with his wife Sam (who also co-wrote the film).

The film, according to Sorbo, is described as:

GHOST meets HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, with a dash of GOD'S NOT DEAD.

Take that how you will, as that's the closest we get to an actual plot synopsis besides that Sorbo will play "a world-renowned atheist whose beliefs are dramatically challenged." Which, if anyone saw GOD'S NOT DEAD knows, it's the exact same f*cking character. These films must be like porn for the puritanical. 

Now don't get me wrong, the "skeptic changes their beliefs" is annoying trope I hate to death, but it's not regulated to faith-based cinema. Though, to be fair, a lot the time in mainstream cinema that trope takes the form of "Monsters aren't real, you -- AHH! I just got killed by the monster I didn't believe existed previously! AHH!!!" But, you know, same principle.

It also seems to be a family affair, as Sorbo describes auditioning his two young sons for roles in the film:

They blew me away with their auditions...[and] as producers [we] realized the amount of money we had just saved by casting our own kids.

Or you just wanted to avoid awkward dinners.

The most crazy part of all this is that they pitched it to Sean Hannity, a FOX NEWS pundit, who is now an executive producer on the project. It also seems he's got the filmmaking bug, because this is just the first of many projects he's developing. 

Now, I want to re-iterate that I don't think these movies are bad because of the fact they are Christian or faith-based. Honestly, I love religious films if they're well-made (LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, PASSION OF THE CHRIST, DOGMA). The fact these films are Christian are not the problem. It's the bad scripts, acting, cinematography, editing, filmmaking, sets, etc. that are.

But who knows. Maybe this one will be good. I just don't have faith.  

LET THERE BE LIGHT is expected to flip its switch November 2017. Mark your calendar folks, the holidays come early next year!

Extra Tidbit: Kevin Sorbo couldn't be in GOD'S NOT DEAD 2 because his character dies at the end of the first one.
Source: THR



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