Good news, everyone! A new Futurama game is on the way!

So, there's a new FUTURAMA game on the way. This wouldn't be the first time the Planet Express crew was in a videogame, though that one was released 14(!) years ago, and was met with middling-to-poor reviews. This next one will hopefully be better though, presumably with Black Jack and hookers!

The new game will be called FUTURAMA: WORLDS OF TOMORROW, and will be a mobile app released by TinoCo, in conjunction with the show's original animation studio, Rough Draft Studios. No details on what the game will be (adventure game, fighting game, maybe even a business simulator?) But the news is exciting nonetheless. More FUTURAMA is always a good thing in my book (yes, even the lesser Comedy Central seasons).

Anyway, here's what Matt Groening, creator of FUTURAMA (and SIMPSONS) had to say about it:

I love this game because it feels just like ‘Futurama,'...except now you get to jab the characters in the face.

Executive producer David X. Cohen added:

‘Futurama’ is back, bigger and better than ever! Or possibly smaller and equally good. But either way, it’s back!...We’ve got completely new stories from the original writers, cast, and animators. This is the real Futurama deal.

That all sounds awesome! Especially the fact that they're bringing back the original cast and writers. I for one am super excited for more FUTURAMA! If only I also liked mobile app games...

But what do you Schmoes think? Any fans of FUTURAMA? And if so, what do you feel about a new mobile game? Sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: My favorite FUTURAMA episode is "The Sting", but it's so hard to choose...
Source: TinyCo



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