Standing By: Dan Levy to co-write & star in Hulu animated series

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

Standing By, Dan Levy, Hulu, animated series

Schitt’s Creek co-creator, executive producer, and star, Dan Levy, is entering the animated arena for his next big project. According to the heavens on high, Hulu has ordered a presentation for Standing By, an animated comedy revolving around aggrieved angels. The concept hails from Levy, writer-director Ally Pankiw, and 20th Television Animation. In addition to co-writing and executive producing, Levy will also voice Carey, the newly deceased, cynical spotter to the group who had a lonely, isolated life in New York City.

According to DeadlineStanding By is a satirical look into the lives of a group of eternally-bound, disgruntled guardian angels and the lessons they’ll eventually learn from not only the dysfunctional humans they’re in charge of protecting but also each other.

Standing By represents an aspect of Hulu's push for more adult animation on the streaming platform. The company has experienced a great deal of success with Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan's Solar Opposites. However, if you want to remain a threat in the ongoing streaming wars, you need new ideas from top talent. This is where Dan Levy and his talented team come in. Levy has a lot of eyes on him after Schitt's Creek earned a significant amount of awards. In other words, Hulu sure does know how to pick their players. I'm excited to see what Standing By looks like once Levy and his people have something to share.

Source: Deadline

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