Goosebumps 2 will haunt theaters in a kid-friendly way January 2018

I hope you’re ready for more ghouls, goblins, werewolves, scarecrows…uh…gnomes…and um…evil plants, I guess, because GOOSEBUMPS 2 is on the way! We reported the series would continue back in April, and now we have an official date for the movie’s release. Que the original show's music that made you run to the living room when you were a kid!

It was announced the sequel for the family-friendly horror adventure will be released a year from now on January 26, 2018. As of now director Rob Letterman is still attached to the project, as is writer Darren Lemke. No word yet on if Jack Black has signed on to return, but he will also have JUMANJI coming out a month before BUMPS' planned release.

In 2015 the live-action GOOSEBUMPS movie came out starring Jack Black, and though you could fill up all of R.L. Stine’s books with the troll-ish comments before its release it actually didn’t do too bad. The movie made about $150 million globally on a $58 million budget and was met with some pretty good reviews. The release shift from the first movie’s October date is probably due to Sony wanting to avoid a crowded fall slate again, with the unexpected success of THE MARTIAN that month, and November kicking off with SPECTRE and THE PEANUTS MOVIE diminishing the movie’s longevity.

Though people liked it overall and it made more money than I expected, I never saw the movie in its entirety. I’ve seen bits but none of it piqued my interest, as it was clearly made with children in mind. But if people dig it that’s cool, and I’m sure they will find something fiendishly fun about the sequel. But if you really want to have some fun just pick up one of the Goosebumps books and explore the magic of reading! I know, I know, I'll get in the locker.

GOOSEBUMPS 2 is set for January 26, 2018.



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