Green Hornet halted?

There was much fanfare when it was announced that Seth Rogen would write, star in and produce THE GREEN HORNET for Sony. Official sites were launched. Release dates (June 25, 2010) were announced. Seth Rogen started hitting the gym. A director (Stephen Chow) had signed on. And now? It could all be for naught. Drew "Don't Call Me Moriarty" McWeeny is reporting at HitFix that the project is on its last legs and the plug could be pulled very soon. Things apparently took a turn for the worse when Chow left the project and Sony began having major reservations about the film. Now a source close to the production tells HitFix HORNET won't be filming in 2009 while other less optimistic sources say it's just a matter of time before Sony officially kills it. You may remember that Kevin Smith tried hard to get a GREEN HORNET film off the ground as well and also was unsuccessful in doing so. If Rogen's GREEN HORNET doesn't happen would you be upset? Was it high on your list of movies you were looking forward to?

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone read the HORNET script? What did you think?
Source: JoBlo.com



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