Green Lantern Corps shines light on writers David Goyer and Justin Rhodes

Do you remember what I said yesterday about the DCEU Express chugging right along? Well, not only was I totally right, but it appears that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have pulled into the station, yet again, as it’s been announced that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes will pen the script for the upcoming GREEN LANTERN CORPS. It’s also to note that Goyer will produce the film with DC head honcho Geoff Johns and John Berg acting as the project’s executive producers.

What’s being described as a “Lethal Weapon in space”, GREEN LANTERN CORPS will be an origin story that will not only bury the embarrassing Ryan Reynolds-lead flop from 2011, but will also introduce audience members to a new Lantern. This time around, the story will feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart as your main characters. Hmm … Lethal Weapon in space, huh? Does this mean that Jordan will act as the Riggs to Stewart’s Murtaugh?

With both Goyer and Rhodes furiously working on completing the script, one would surmise that we’ll be hearing a lot more about this film in the coming months.

For me, I’m really excited about this one. There is so much potential for GREEN LANTERN CORPS to be a bombastic, interstellar thrill ride of a film. Plus, the Green Lantern franchise has a ton of cool characters to explore. With any luck, this film generation of Green Lantern will give us proper representations of characters like Jessica Cruz, B’dg, Simon Baz, Bleez, and more!

GREEN LANTERN CORPS is currently scheduled for a 2020 release.

Extra Tidbit: Other Lanterns that could show up in this film: Alan Scott, Jade, Adara, Alia, Diamalon, Donna Parker, Droxelle, Ekron, as well as countless others!
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