Grindhouse 2?

This is still tenuous, especially given the fact that GRINDHOUSE did so disappointingly at the box-office, but it seems like Eli Roth and Edgar Wright are thinking very seriously about extending both of the concepts they had made trailers for, into full length movies. Roth says,

"We're talking to Dimension about it. I think they're still trying to figure out Grindhouse 1 before we think about Grindhouse 2, but I've already been working on the outline for it and I would do it in a heartbeat."

This would certainly be a pretty cool idea, but I'd question as to how good it would ultimately be, and also about the feasibility of the project. I think that probably, another GRINDHOUSE, this time without the draw of Tarantino or Rodriguez would probably do worse than the original did. Ever the optimist though, Roth said

"My feeling is that three and a half hours, it was a long time at the movies for people. The movie itself was three hours and 15 minutes and then there's 20 minutes of trailers and then parking and everything, it suddenly became a four hour evening for people. So there's only so many times you can show it in a day and a lot of people getting off work, it was tough for people to find the time to see it. The people that saw it loved it. People were going crazy for it and I think that 25 years from now, everyone will talk about the classic movie Grindhouse and no one will talk about -- the words "box office disappointment" won't even apply."

I haven't seen HOSTEL, so I can't really speak for Roth, but I can't express anything but admiration for Edgar Wright. The man can do no wrong!
Extra Tidbit: I'd love to see Rob Zombie's WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS made into a feature, Nic Cage laughing maniacally was one of my favourite parts of the movie!
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