Guy Pearce & Mia Wasikowska join western thriller Brimstone

Brimstone Martin Koolhoven Guy Pearce Mia Wasikowska

Who here wants to watch an evil Guy Pearce tormenting STOKER actress Mia Wasikowska in a new movie? All of you? Good, because Screen Daily has learned both Pearce and Wasikowska have joined BRIMSTONE, a western thriller from Dutch filmmaker Martin Koolhoven (WINTER IN WARTIME, BONKERS). Koolhoven also wrote the script for the upcoming film.

Production is scheduled to begin in May of this year, and the BRIMSTONE will be shot by THE DROP and BULLHEAD cinematographer Nicolas Karakatsanis. Mia Wasikowska will play Liz, "a heroine on the run from her past," and pursuing her is Guy Pearce's character, a "diabolical preacher." Sounds like a fun time to me.

Guy Pearce is one of my favorite actors, and he definitely knows a thing or two about dark turns. Although his new project probably won't be a huge move, it certainly has the potential to be a very solid thriller. Are you interested in checking out BRIMSTONE?

Source: Screen Daily



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