Hail to the king!

I'm one of those people that cannot help but be seduced by new/flashy DVD cases. Even though I very much dislike DAREDEVIL (notice I didn't use the word 'hate'), I still bought that sucker when they released the new DVD case. Likewise, I bought ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND on DVD (when I already owned it), just because a new version was released, with pretty much the exact same case, but slightly fatter because it included a copy of the screenplay. I haven't even opened it since. Now, BUBBA HO-TEP has been given perhaps the mother of all DVD cases and... well... I have to have it. I know that this is tantamount to blasphemy in some parts, but I wasn't all that crazy about the film, still though, I cannot allow a DVD case as cool as this to exist outside of my collection. It's glorious! Look at it!

As I'm sure you know, BUBBA HO-TEP tells the "true" story of what really happened to Elivs: he retired to a rest home, and then shortly after befriending a man who believed himself to be JFK, fought an evil Egyptian entity who had chosen their facility as his hunting ground. The DVD will be available from August 7th.

Extra Tidbit: Favourite DVD covers? I'm not crazy about the movie but I love the CASSHERN steel case.
Source: Film Junk



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