Halle Berry in talks to join the cast of Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman sequel

I wasn't expecting KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE to be nearly as fun as it ended up being, but each time I've sat down to watch the film I've had an absolute blast. The upcoming KINGSMAN sequel is set to kick off production next month and has been slowly assembling a cast which should prove to be just as much fun as the first. Julianne Moore is said to be in talks to take on the role of the villain and now Deadline is reporting that another talented actress could also be joining the world of the Kingsman.

The outlet has said that Halle Berry (X-MEN) is currently in talks to join the KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE sequel in which she'd play the head of the CIA, which lends further credence to the rumours that the sequel will explore the American branch of Kingsman. Berry's potential deal is said to span two films, which isn't that unusual, but Fox is obviously hoping that the sequel will pave the way for a KINGSMAN trilogy. If the second film is as fun as the first, I'd have no problem with that. Taron Egerton will be returning to reprise his role of Gary "Eggsy" Unwin in the sequel, and once the film wraps he'll be moving on to ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS in which he'll play the title role. The upcoming "gritty" take on the Robin Hood legend will follow the character as he "returns from fighting in The Crusades and finds that Sherwood Forest is rife with corruption and evil. He forms a band of outlaws and they take matters into their own hands."

The KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE sequel is set for a June 6, 2017 release.

Source: Deadline



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