Hathaway finds Love

Is Anne Hathaway the new Queen of the Chick Flick? Hathaway has signed on to star in THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE where she'll play that romantic comedy stereotype of the commitment phobic attorney. Her character finds her Type A lifestyle deconstructing when she declines a wedding proposal from her boyfriend. With LOVE, the upcoming BRIDE WARS and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, Hathaway could turn herself into the next Julia Roberts (or if she's not careful, the next Kate Hudson). The film is based on the chick-lit novel of the same name by Julie Buxbaum. Hathaway has a number of films on the way including the indie drama RACHEL GETTING MARRIED and the thriller PASSENGERS. It's unclear when filming might begin but Hathaway has no other projects ready to film so I'd assume once it finds a director, it could be ready to go rather quickly. (Though it should be noted that the sequel clause in Hathaway's GET SMART contract was activated once the film grossed over $100 million and Warner Bros. could eventually choose to call her on that.)

Extra Tidbit: Hathaway reportedly quit being a vegetarian. I was going to make a crude joke about eating meat but I'll pass.
Source: Variety



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