Have some more awkward with these clips and stills from Little Fockers

LITTLE FOCKERS doesn't seem like it's gained a lot of interest. Well, at least not with the JoBlo community anyway.

I'm not really sure that these new clips are going to motivate you at all either. To be honest, I'm sure I'll eventually watch it on Netflix or TNT or something. I can definitely tell you that I won't be spending what little cash I have on expensive movie tickets.

Yes, I do have new clips and stills for you. The clips just have more of that traditional awkwardness. Maybe some of you will give the movie a try. There's gotta be someone who wants to see the return of Barbra Streisand. Anyone...?

To check out more clips head on over to our videos section. If you want more stills, just click on any of the pics and you will be sent straight to the source.

Extra Tidbit: Alba says that her "good actors never use the script" comment was taken completely out of context and was "mushed" together.
Source: JoBlo.com



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