Heels extended trailer: Stephen Amell steps into the ring

Stephen Amell returns to television in the wrestling drama series Heels and he looks ready to step into the ring in a new extended trailer released by Starz.

According to the show's official synopsis, "Heels is a story about the men and women who chase their dreams in the world of small-town pro wrestling. Set in a close-knit Georgia community, it follows a family-owned wrestling promotion as two brothers and rivals war over their late father’s legacy. In the ring, somebody must play the good guy and somebody must play their nemesis, the heel. But in the real world, those characters can be hard to live up to — or hard to leave behind.” The series also stars Alexander Ludwig, Alison Luff, Chris Bauer, Allen Maldonado, James Harrison, Kelli Berglund, Mary McCormack, and David James Elliott.

Heels was given a straight-to-series order from Starz back in February of 2017. Kyle Patrick Alvarez was originally set to direct the series but he was replaced by Peter Segal in January of last year. The show comes from executive producer Michael Waldron (Loki) and showrunner Mike O’Malley (Shameless).

Did YOU like the trailer? Heels is set to premiere on August 15, 2021, on Starz. The cable network also announced a [email protected] panel for the show on Friday, July 23 at 1:00 PM EST so be on the lookout for that as well!

heels extended trailer


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