Helen Mirren might be Alfred Hitchcock's wife

Get a pair of Oscar winners together, and you're bound to get anyone talking about an upcoming film. That's now the case with ALFRED HITCHCOCK AND THE MAKING OF PSYCHO, a film that's been gestating for about four years, but appears to be moving forward as it's attempting to assemble a cast.

The film recently switched directors from Glee's Ryan Murphy to ANVIL!'s Sasha Gervasi, and Anthony Hopkins is still supposedly set to play the lead as Alfred Hitchcock as he makes perhaps his most classic film.

Now Helen Mirren is in talks to possibly play Hitchcock's wife, Alma Reville. She'll stand by his side as he scrapes together the funds to make a horror movie when no studio wanted to fund such a venture at the time.

It sounds cool to me, and Hopkins and Mirren would make a good duo. Seems like it might be a bit like ED WOOD, although profiling the struggles of one of film's greatest directors, not the worst.

Extra Tidbit: If anyone's been watching Dexter this year, I think they were really going for a Norman Bates thing with Travis.
Source: Heat Vision



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