He's coming right for us! VMA exclusive posters for Jackass 3D

One of the more interesting highlights of the MTV VMA's last night was getting to see the JACKASS guys present an award. I'll forgive the disappearance of Brandon DiCamillo, I suppose.

I for one welcome back another JACKASS movie. There's nights when it's 2AM and I'm flipping channels just looking for mindless pranks. Luckily, that shit still comes on MTV2 for a four hour marathon, but I wouldn't mind some fresh material. Do I need it in 3D? Not really. I'll deter my bitching and take what I can get.

The fact that this poster is a "VMA exclusive" is sort of silly. All that aside, I appreciate the simplicity. These stunts are leaping right off the poster! I have a feeling there will be more of these to come.

Are you up for some JACKASS 3D?

Extra Tidbit: Favorite JACKASS stunt/prank? I have a tie: "Urban Kayaking" and DiCamillo's prank call (originally from the CKY vids).
Source: MTV



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