Hitchcock's Psycho turned into A&E TV series

A&E is working on "Bates Motel", according to Variety. Based on Hitchcock's classic film PSYCHO (itself based on Robert Bloch's novel of the same name), the script is being written by Anthony Cipriano for Universal Television.

While both the book and the film start near the end of Norman Bates' illustrious career as a motel owner and chronic masturbator, this tv series will actually be a prequel. A prequel that explores Bates' childhood, in fact. That's right, we'll see Bates start off as a kid and work his way through his teenage years, most likely watching his overbearing mother torment him.

Hey, it worked so well for HALLOWEEN, right folks? Right? Right...?


I wish people would realize that not everything needs an origin story. We don't need to see every little moment that turned Norman Bates into a killer- it's all there in Anthony Perkins' performance in the original film. Watching him get bullied at school will just cheapen his psychosis.

Source: Variety



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