Hitman's Bodyguard sequel, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard announced

Millennium Films has announced that one of the best buddy action comedy films of the past decade, THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD, is getting a sequel titled THE HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD. The Hollywood Reporter, who exclusively broke the news this afternoon, has yet to confirm the cast of the film, though it's to be thought that both Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson will return to their respective roles. Posters for the new project were recently spotted at this year's Cannes event, promoting the film as "The Good. The Bad. And the Batshit cray."

While Tom O'Connor is said to be returning to pen the screenplay, it's rumored that Patrick Hughes (EXPENDABLES 3) will also climb aboard as director of the much-anticipated sequel. For those of you wondering about Salma Hayek's role in the film, it has not yet been confirmed if she will return for the sequel. With that being said, the movie is called THE HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD, so unless Reynold's Michael Bryce enters the follow-up as a married man, I think we can count on her participation.

When THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD arrived in theaters, last year, the side-splitting action comedy earned $177 million at the box office on its $30 million dollar budget. Needless to say, the film was a major success, and served as a platform to showcase the whip-smart on-screen chemistry shared between Reynolds, Jackson, and Hayek. We'll be sure to bring you more news about THE HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD as it develops.



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