UPDATE: Hugh Jackman cast as Scar in Lion King remake

UPDATE: Jackman's reps reached out to The Wrap and said the casting of the actor was purely just rumor, and one with "absolutely no truth"

The LION KING remake has possibly found its villainous kitty – and he’s puuuuurrrfect.

Omega Underground got word from someone close to the production that Hugh Jackman will lend his voice to the movie's main antagonist – Scar – in the remake of the animated classic. Jackman also took to Twitter to post a pic with the caption “PARTNERS,” further fanning the flames of his potential involvement in the future Disney megahit:

Neither party has officially confirmed the news, but Jackman’s possible casting comes off recent news that John Oliver would be voicing Zazu in the movie, which already has Donald Glover as Simba, Billy Eichner as Timon, Seth Rogen as Pumba, and James Earl Jones returning to voice Mufasa. Jeremy Irons voiced the character in the original movie, and some have been wondering if Jones’ involvement meant they would be seeking Irons to reprise his role.

Though Irons’ work as Scar was what I associated with pure evil in my childhood, Jackman is an extraordinary actor who would do a fine job in the role. He doesn’t have that vocal tone that allows for the deliciously menacing dialogue to roll off the tongue like Irons, but he does possess a theatricality that would mesh nicely with the character. Oddly enough, I could see Idris Elba also doing a terrific job in the role, if he hadn’t already nailed the role of Shere Khan in JUNGLE BOOK.  But hey, Jackman is awesome too.



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