Hugh Jackman says he'd pop his claws for a Wolverine musical

Even though LOGAN actor Hugh Jackman has stated - for the record - that he's done playing Wolverine as a part of Marvel's X-Men universe, reporters simply cannot stop asking him questions about whether or not he'll return to pop his claws as the character once again. While Jackman has reiterated that no, he won't be playing the adamantium mutant again, the Tony Award-winning actor did express interest in participating in a Wolverine musical.

Recently, Jackman sat down with Yahoo! Entertainment, to discuss his new musical drama THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. In talking with the outlet, the Australian song-and-dance star stated the following, “No, no more Wolverine, I can tell you that right now,” Jackman said. “I played him long enough — actually, you only need to read one comic book to know that’s probably never gonna happen.” 

With that being the case, Jackman did not put up a fight when being asked to imagine what a Wolverine musical might look like. “If it did, it would be in the Blues Brothers world,” he then added, “the Jim Belushi Blues Brothers part of that world. […] Think chicken wire, and people throwing beer bottles. And him probably slicing them in half, that kind of thing. Yeah, I don’t see kick lines.” 

Personally, I can totally see a Wolverine musical happening, even if it were just for a clever Funny or Die skit. I could also imagine this scenario going down as a limited off-Broadway performance. Think about it: There could be a sad ballad about the death of Jean Grey, even an "I Want" number featuring Logan's desires to hunt down his maker and kill him. The possibilities are limitless, and I bet you my entire Wolverine and the X-Men comic book collection that, in a heartbeat, people would pay good money to see it.

You can see Jackman's Wolverine swan song for yourself by watching LOGAN, a damn fine end to one of cinema's greatest mutant characters. 

Source: Yahoo!



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