Hugh Jackman to produce and star in the Biblical film Apostle Paul

The return of the Biblical epic continues as Hugh Jackman gets into the mix of playing one of the most famous New Testament characters. Jackman is set to star in the title role in APOSTLE PAUL which he will also produce alongside Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The film currently has no director but a script is being drafted by Matt Cook (TRIPLE NINE).

The story of Paul is one of the more detailed stories from the Bible, following the man who would go blind only to have his sight restored. Paul is credited as the author of many of the books of the New Testament, but his story also gets more interesting.

Paul was also the founder of many churches. He began as the son of a Pharisee and steeped in Judaism. However, after being converted by Christ, he continued to preach for God and carried the message of Christ’s word. He was also put in prison for preaching when a miracle occurred. While in chains, he began singing Jesus’ praises and the prison shook like a violent earthquake and his chains fell off and jails doors opened and they left as frightened prison guards allowed them to pass.

Warner Bros is financing and distributing the film which could have a major impact compared to other faith-based films specifically because of Hugh Jackman's star power. The film does not have any major action sequences like EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS, but the story is strong enough that this could be Jackman's ticket back to the Oscars. The release date for APOSTLE PAUL is unknown at this time but I would expect it would be fit in before Jackman gets to work on THE WOLVERINE sequel or we won't see it until after 2017.

Source: Deadline



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